Phlebotomy Training Specialists!

PTS offers a 32 hour Nationally Accredited Training Program!

Locations located in Denver AND Arvada, Colorado.

The Phlebotomy Classes at Phlebotomy Training Specialists are an extremely aggressive HANDS ON experience. As part of the classes you will also be trained in lab processing, drug testing, general medical procedures and how and where to get a job! All this will make you the most well rounded Phlebotomist!


VeinViewerâ„¢ Technology for use in class!


Our state of the art training facilities feature large white boards, incredible audio visual equipment, and comfortable chairs. See the locations tab on the left side of this page for the school nearest you!

National Phlebotomy Certification

$795.00 + $100.00 to take the National Exam*

Day, Evening and Weekend Classes available

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*If you fail the first time, we pay for you to take the exam until you pass! 98% Pass Rate.

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The National Certification is optional and not required in Utah, but many local employers have notified us that they only hire Phlebotomist's with the National Certification in hand as a Certified Phlebotomy Technician.

Why is PTS the best at what we do ? Why do people come from all across the country to our sites to be trained by our company? Simple .... HANDS ON TRAINING! 

We have some of the most competent staff in the industry who are with you every step of the way to make sure that you get the best skill set you can get! We are also highly sought after for the National Phlebotomy Technician Certification! 

As much as many other schools in America will tell you that you do not need this, I ask the question ..... can you go wrong by having it? The choice should be easy to make!! If you want to be the best, then train with the best ! Bottom line is, if a school will not give you UNLIMITED blood draws and a National Certification to go with it, you need to keep looking! Click here to read some testimonials!